Valérie Chaunu: bridging expertise and humanity

Harmonizing technical proficiency with human connection

“18 months ago, I embarked on an exciting new journey with d2m Services, where the human experience beautifully intertwines with my technical expertise cultivated over 20 years in the Energy sector. Specializing in recruiting qualified professionals and managing local content projects, my role within this team extends far beyond the mere selection of technical skills.

The steady and earnest atmosphere at d2m significantly influenced my professional outlook. Joining this subsidiary of the STAPEM Group, I found the perfect balance between a robust structure and the freedom needed to infuse the essential human touch into technical recruitment.

Staying with d2m Services is a choice driven by its distinctive vision in the maritime and naval sector. Our involvement in decarbonization projects adds a strategic dimension, allowing me to present professionals who combine technical skills with environmental sensitivity.

In summary, my first 18 months at d2m Services bear witness to a successful synergy between the human element and technical expertise, offering a unique and enriching recruitment experience. Beyond our commitment to decarbonization, each day reinforces my belief that every recruitment can be a personal contribution to a more sustainable future.”