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At d2m, our expert team of marine engineers, naval architects, and offshore contractors have been committed to crafting innovative solutions for complex maritime projects for nearly four decades. As a trusted global partner, we assist organizations from the very beginning of a project to its final completion. Leveraging our belief in the power of innovation, we employ the latest technology to design and construct state-of-the-art vessels, floating drilling and production units, FSOs, FPSOs, and FLNGs. Our specialty lies in new builds, conversions, and retrofits, all while ensuring top-notch quality and performance.

Sustainability forms the cornerstone of our operations as we strive to lead the shift towards greener and more environmentally-friendly energy sources. This commitment drives our active involvement in the development of alternative energies like methanol, LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia. We also pioneer the integration of unmanned vehicles and drones in the maritime industry. In our pursuit of renewable energy, we explore cutting-edge ways to harness wind, wave, current, and thermal energy, recognizing the immense potential these untapped resources hold.

At d2m, we understand the uniqueness of each client and project, prompting us to tailor our approach to suit specific needs. Our comprehensive services range from feasibility assessment to basic and detailed design, cost & risks estimations. We stand by our clients at every stage, aiding in negotiations with shipyards, managing procurement and construction, and providing support during operations. We view ourselves as more than just a service provider; we are a dedicated partner committed to achieving the success of your marine projects.

With a team that’s fueled by passion, innovation, and the drive for excellence, we’re ready to take on the challenges of the maritime industry and help shape its future. Together, we can turn visions into reality.


At d2m, we bring almost 40 years of experience in marine engineering, naval architecture, and offshore contracting, providing comprehensive solutions for complex maritime projects.

Marine Renewable

We are exploring innovative ways to harness renewable marine energy sources, such as wind, wave, current, and thermal energy.

and Technology

We harness the latest technologes and embrace innovation in our designs and builds, delivering superior quality, efficiency and performance. We are in particular pioneering in the design of unmanned vehicles and drones, innovatiev vessels, etc…


Understanding that every client and project is unique, we offer customized services to meet specific needs, covering everything from feasibility assessment to design, cost estimation, and business development.

and Alternative Energies

Committed to a greener future, we are actively involved in developing alternative energy sources like Methanol, LNG, hydrogen, and ammonia.

Full Project
Lifecycle Support

We support clients throughout the project lifecycle, including negotiations with shipyards, procurement, construction followup, and operation, acting as a dedicated partner committed to the success of our client’s mritime projects.

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At d2m Services, every day presents an opportunity to innovate and lead. As the Deputy General Manager, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and shaping the strategic trajectory of our company. We are not just a team; we are a collective force driving the marine sectors forward.

Hugues Gervaise
Deputy General Manager, d2m Services

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