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Naval architecture

Embark on a journey of innovation and precision with our naval engineering expertise, where every vessel design is crafted with meticulous care, integrating cutting-edge technology to ensure peak performance and seamless functionality.

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Structure analysis

Delve into the heart of maritime engineering as we dissect and strengthen the very foundation of vessels, utilizing advanced structural analyses to ensure unwavering resilience and operational excellence.

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Hydrodynamic & mooring

Navigate the fluid dynamics of maritime operations with our Hydrodynamic & Mooring services, where we master the art of sea-keeping, station keeping and maneuverability to ensure vessels sail the seas with precision and confidence.

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Marine systems

Immerse yourself in the intricate world of maritime functionality with our Marine Systems expertise, where we orchestrate the seamless integration of outfitting, HVAC, piping, and electrical systems to ensure vessels operate at peak efficiency and reliability.

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Costs, risks & procedures

Uncover the foundation of successful maritime ventures with our comprehensive expertise in Costs, Risks & Procedures, where meticulous planning, risk mitigation, and procedural excellence harmonize to ensure your projects sail smoothly through every challenge.

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Technical assistance and project management

Discover the seamless convergence of expert technical assistance and precision project management, turning maritime and engineering challenges into triumphs of innovation and excellence.

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Innovation power my experience at d2m Engineering, and my role as a Naval Architect and Structural Engineer is realy fulfilling. We extend our possibilities and the desire to go further to IT and engineering tools by ensuring that our solutions and workflow are as cutting-edge as our projects.

Aurélien Michel
Naval Architect / Structural Engineer / Deputy IT, d2m Engineering

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