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In the dynamic world of maritime engineering, ensuring the structural integrity of vessels is paramount. At d2m Engineering, we bring a wealth of experience and innovation to the forefront with our comprehensive Structure Analysis services. Covering everything from Hull Scantling and Dynamic & Fatigue Analysis to Collision Simulations, our team of experts is dedicated to fortifying maritime assets against the challenges of the open seas.

Hull Scantling
By considering both static and dynamic pressures, our engineers craft robust structural designs that can withstand the rigors of marine environments, in compliance with Classification Societies rules. Frame dimensions and sizing are intricately calibrated, ensuring vessels are safely constructed with optimal strength and resilience. d2m uses all Class scantling tools: BV MARS2000, ABS SAFEHULL, DNV NAUTICUSHULL, etc…

Finite Element Model Analysis
Our engineers employ FEM to perform metallic structure analysis under static loads, taking into account local and global loads, including hydrodynamic loads calculated in hydro-structure interaction software like HOMER. Resilient software suites allow for fast, efficient model-to-result process, in particular: Solidworks / Autocad 3D / Rhinoceros + FEMAP / ANSYS / HYDROSTAR.

Fatigue Analysis
In the dynamic world of maritime operations, understanding constraints and stresses is imperative. Our team conducts thorough analyses to ascertain structural performance under a range of conditions. This includes both the design stage and the assessment of potential fatigue over the operational lifespan, ensuring durability and longevity.

Collision Simulations
The unpredictable nature of the sea requires vessels to be prepared for potential collisions. Our experts simulate impact scenarios to evaluate forces, destruction patterns, and penetration lengths. Through these simulations, we help design structures that can withstand unexpected collisions while ensuring the safety of crew and assets.

At d2m Engineering, we consider Structure Analysis not just a service, but a commitment to safety and reliability. Our engineers bring decades of experience and innovation to every project, meticulously ensuring that maritime assets can weather the challenges of the sea with steadfast resilience. With our comprehensive analysis and dedication to excellence, you can trust us to fortify your vessels for the journeys ahead.

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Innovation power my experience at d2m Engineering, and my role as a Naval Architect and Structural Engineer is realy fulfilling. We extend our possibilities and the desire to go further to IT and engineering tools by ensuring that our solutions and workflow are as cutting-edge as our projects.

Aurélien Michel
Naval Architect / Structural Engineer / Deputy IT, d2m Engineering

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