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The group presents a strong and diverse portfolio of businesses, each with its own unique specializations and areas of expertise:

d2m Engineering and d2m Services: They provide comprehensive solutions in ship design, naval architecture, marine engineering, and project management in the marine sector.

Film-Ocean : Based in Scotland, Film-Ocean provides subsea solutions to the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries, utilizing a range of ROV systems.

Mareal: This company focuses on comprehensive studies of offshore facilities and installation methods, acting as an engineering department for various offshore structures.

Stapem Offshore Angola : This entity provides marine, subsea, and maintenance services and has operational facilities strategically located within the Sonils Base (Luanda Port) and the Kwanda Base (Soyo).

Stapem Offshore Energy Services : This company has expanded its presence by providing marine IRM services to North Oil Company in the Al Shaheen field. It aims to provide comprehensive services to all oil and gas operators in Qatar.

Stapem Offshore Middle East : Specializing in providing marine and subsea services in various countries in the Middle East and Eastern Africa regions.

Stapem Offshore Senegal: Located in Dakar, this company offers a wide range of services including the execution of diving/ROV and marine operations, the management of oil and gas terminals, as well as the execution of EPCI projects.

Tous Travaux Sous Marins (TTSM): A Senegalese company with extensive experience in marine operations, offering services such as marine surveys, subsea works, harbor repairs, ship maintenance, and salvage operations.

The Stapem Group, as a conglomerate of these companies, demonstrates a wide range of capabilities and services within the maritime and offshore sectors. It indicates a deep understanding of the complexities of this industry and shows a clear commitment to delivering top-quality services worldwide.

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Being a part of d2m Engineering as a Junior Naval Architect and Junior Structural Engineer has been an exciting journey. The collaborative and innovative environment here encourages constant learning and growth, which is both inspiring and fulfilling.

Nickollas Targino
Junior Naval Architect / Junior Structural Engineer, d2m Engineering

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