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At d2m Engineering, we understand that a successful maritime project encompasses more than just engineering design; it requires a meticulous understanding of costs, risks, and operational procedures. Our comprehensive Costs, Risks & Procedures services ensure that your project not only sails smoothly but does so with financial prudence, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Being regularly involed on innovative projects, risk assessment is at the core of our approach. Through Hazard Identification (HAZID) and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies, our experts meticulously identify potential risks. We go beyond identification, focusing on risk mitigation measures to ensure operational safety. We also work towards enhancing existing procedures to align with industry best practices.

Method Statements
A well-defined operation sequence or installation procedure is pivotal to project success. Our team crafts method statements that outline these sequences with precision. This ensures that every phase of your project is executed seamlessly, minimizing disruptions and risks.

Success lies in meticulous planning. Our work schedules ensure timely execution, while Metocean standby assessments factor in environmental conditions, enhancing operational efficiency.

Cost estimates
Our experts delve into CAPEX & OPEX estimates, preparing you for informed decision-making. We rely on long-term built data base for construction and equipment prices. We can also consult suppliers for specific equipment.

Call For Tender & Tender Review
We meticulously prepare for our clients calls for tender for ship constructions or refit, and conduct bid evaluations, ensuring transparency and compliance. Preliminary design documents and specifications regarding the project are thoroughly issued, setting the stage for successful partnerships. d2m also manage to prepare price presentation framework and shipyard / supplier selection matrix for our clients.

Third Party Review
Technical reviews and assistance from third parties add an extra layer of rigor to your project. d2m can act as a third party review, eventually prior to Class, representing our clients interest when reviewing drawings and specifications issued by shipyard or another design office.

With our Costs, Risks & Procedures services, your maritime endeavors gain a comprehensive perspective. Beyond engineering excellence, we ensure your projects are financially prudent, safe, and executed with precision. Navigate complexities with confidence, knowing every aspect has been meticulously addressed.

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In my role as Project Manager, Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer, and Quality Manager at d2m Engineering, I’ve experienced firsthand our unwavering commitment to excellence. This dedication is not just a goal but a core part of our identity, ensuring that every project we undertake is a testament to our high standards and expertise.

Aurélien Sabatier
Project Manager / Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer / Quality Manager, d2m Engineering

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