Enabling safe navigation and mooring

In the intricate world of maritime engineering, d2m Engineering is your trusted partner in Hydrodynamic & Mooring expertise. Our comprehensive services encompass a spectrum of critical operations that ensure vessels safe navigation, anchoring and mooring .

Understanding a vessel’s behavior during operations is pivotal. Through 3D diffraction-radiation models with ANSYS-AQWA and HYDROSTAR, we evaluate ship responses to diverse sea conditions, taking into account linear and quadratic damping. We can also specify and follow-up CFD calculations and tank tests to confirm or complete those calculations.

Risers & Mooring
Our team conducts dynamic, fatigue, and clashing analyses to guarantee the resilience of both flexible and rigid risers and mooring systems. Meticulously sizing lines and bollards ensures secure mooring, while analyses prevent unwanted collisions. These calculations are done using see-keeping RAOs calculated above and mooring lines / risers caracteristics in approved software: Orcaflex, BV Ariane 7.

With a focus on safety and efficiency, we dimension bollard pull (BP) and select appropriate tugs for towing. We address towing configurations, environmental limits, and both wet and dry tow scenarios to ensure seamless operations. Towing equipment are sized accordingly.

Crafting trajectories, assessing collision risks, and simulating real-time scenarios are central to design harbor entries and quay positions. We optimize vessel behavior during approaches and departures, often with the assistance of tug support, using SHIPMA software.

For secure transportation, we account for environmental loads, motions, and accelerations. Our engineers use local accelerations calculated with motion analysis software to design sea-fastening solutions that ensure safe transportation of our client’s assets.

With d2m Engineering, Hydrodynamic & Mooring services are a testament of safety, innovation, and excellence. Our meticulous analyses and optimization enable maritime assets to navigate the seas or to be moored or anchored with heightened confidence, knowing they have been equipped to face the challenges of the open waters with unwavering resilience.

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d2m Engineering is more than just a workplace; it’s a place of continuous innovation and collaboration. As Operations Manager, I’m privileged to witness our team’s dedication to excellence every day. Our commitment to finding ingenious solutions and driving sustainability in the maritime and offshore sectors is truly inspiring.

Alexandre Becque
Operations Manager, d2m Engineering

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