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Fécamp Windfarm - Buoyancy frame conceptual design for load-out, transportation and installation of gravity-based structure (GBS)

d2m Engineering, a subsidiary of the STAPEM Group, is a recognized leader in the Marine & Offshore sector with almost 40 years of experience. We specialize in providing high-quality engineering support to help clients reduce risks, optimize costs, and enhance performance while fostering innovation.

Our commitment to delivering cost-effective and sustainable solutions sets us apart. With a diverse project portfolio and expertise spanning various fields, we excel in handling complex challenges with proficiency. Over the years, we have successfully served 50+ clients, earning their trust and recognition for our engineering services.

Working with d2m Engineering means choosing a reliable partner dedicated to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Our experienced team of engineers and naval architects is passionate about meeting and exceeding expectations, ensuring safe design and operation of marine assets. Join us on a journey of successful project realization, where quality, innovation, and sustainability drive every endeavor.

Harnessing the diversity of software in maritime engineering

Discover how, at d2m Engineering, we utilize a diverse range of software to shape the future of maritime engineering. We take pride in our technical expertise, and our blog section delves into how these versatile tools enable us to design, analyze, and optimize our maritime solutions. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt not only to various software suites but also to efficiently address a wide array of client-specific challenges.

Discover our staff

  • Alexandre Becque

    Operations Manager
  • Jonathan Huet

    Engineering Manager / Safety Manager
  • Abu Free Andalib

    Junior Naval Architect
  • Spirydon Brouzas

    Junior Naval Architect / Junior Structural Engineer
  • Dany Calas

    Project Manager / Lead System Engineer
  • Juan-Sebastian Cardona

    Project Manager / Naval Architect / Structural Engineer
  • Sandra Carlot

    Executive Assistant
  • Marc Holstenkamp

    Project Manager / Naval Architect / Structural Engineer / IT Manager
  • Grégoire Jacquier

    Project Manager / Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer / Naval Architect / Structural Engineer / Deputy Safety
  • Nicolas Larbodiere

    Lead Structural Engineer
  • Sead Lukas

    System Engineer
  • Aurélien Michel

    Naval Architect / Structural Engineer / Deputy IT
  • Eliott Petitjean

    Naval Architect / Structural Engineer
  • Aurélien Sabatier

    Project Manager / Lead Hydrodynamic Engineer / Naval Architect / Quality Manager
  • Hugo San Clemente

    Junior System Engineer / Junior Naval Architect
  • Nickollas Targino

    Junior Naval Architect / Junior Structural Engineer
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d2m Engineering’s multidisciplinary approach fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration. As a System Engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to work on diverse projects that require creative solutions. It’s inspiring to be part of a team that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

Sead Lukas
System Engineer, d2m Engineering

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