Engineering maritime efficiency

At the forefront of maritime innovation, we stand committed to excellence, and our Marine Systems services embody this dedication. From comprehensive outfitting to intricate HVAC, piping, and electrical systems, our experts craft solutions that ensure vessels operate with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Hull Outfitting
Engineers engage in meticulous processes that encompass system design, sizing, and integration. The harmony of various systems is artfully achieved, ensuring optimal performance. Support structures and handling solutions are also considered to facilitate operational ease. Detailed drawings provide a visual roadmap for seamless execution.

Machinery – HVAC – Piping – Electrical
The intricate dance of machinery, HVAC, piping, and electrical systems is central to maritime functionality. Our experts define processes and make modifications with precision. d2m Engineers and Draftsmen define the network architecture and size components at basic design (PFDs, P&IDs, SLD), perform the integration (2D and 3D) studies, and prepare the detailed (isometrics, dupporting structure) drawings to lay the foundation for systems that seamlessly integrate into vessel operations.

Commiment for decarbonation and pollution reduction
Among our system definition and integration studies, we have specialized on some of the most critical for environment protection and decarbonation. Hence d2m can perform BWTS integration studies, global ship’system energy efficiency review (proposing solutions to improve propulsion, HVAC and other systems efficiency), Carbon Capture and Storage system¬† integration studies, low carbon / desulphurised fuels propulsion new building or retrofit studies (Methanol, LNG).

With our experienced team at your side, you can navigate the complexities of maritime engineering with confidence, knowing that every aspect of your vessel’s systems has been meticulously designed, integrated, and optimized for peak performance.

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At d2m Services, our team’s expertise and commitment shape the maritime sector. As a Naval Architect, I’ve seen how our goal-oriented environment and strong work ethic drive industry success. Proud to be part of this impactful and respected organization.

Abu Afree Andalib
Junior Naval Architect, d2m Services

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