HAROPA Port’s Dredger Project: d2m Innovates

d2m Engineering Collaborates with HAROPA PORT on New Water Injection Dredger Design

HAROPA PORT, an alliance of major French ports including Le Havre, Rouen, and Paris, represents a pivotal network in European maritime trade. This collaborative port authority is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of maritime and logistics operations across the northern European corridor.

d2m Engineering has been selected by HAROPA to provide expert guidance in the design and specification of a new water injection dredger for the Port of Le Havre. Essential for maintaining navigability and daily operations, this vessel incorporates key design improvements aimed at operational efficiency.

d2m Engineering's Key Roles in HAROPA's Innovative Dredger Project

Tasked by HAROPA PORT, d2m Engineering has handled several key responsibilities:

  • Creating an innovative preliminary design for the vessel,
  • Investigating sustainable energy and engine alternatives,
  • Developing advanced mixed leveling bar technologies that merge mechanical dynamics with water injection,
  • Analyzing sediment movements to optimize dredging efficiency,
  • Producing detailed industrial tender documents necessary for the procurement of the new dredger.

d2m Engineering's Key Roles in HAROPA's Innovative Dredger Project

Since June 1st, 2021, Le Havre, Rouen, and Paris have been integrated under the unified authority of the “Major Seine Axis river and sea port authority”. As the fourth largest port in Northern Europe, HAROPA PORT boasts extensive global connections, offering services to nearly 620 ports worldwide. It operates in a strategic location, leveraging the vast consumer market of the Seine Valley and the Paris region, which is the largest in France.

Spanning from Le Havre to Rouen, the port complex includes 2.5 million square meters of logistics warehousing. HAROPA PORT stands as a comprehensive hub for transport and logistics, providing seamless, end-to-end solutions that support substantial maritime and river traffic, annually exceeding 110 million tonnes and sustaining about 160,000 jobs across its operations.

Enhancing Port Operations: d2m Engineering's Pragmatic Approach

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